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Near Net Shape Forgings for Industrial Applications

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Design and Maintenance

At Cold Flow Corporation, we design and produce the customized tooling required for our forging capabilities. A majority of the processes for producing tools and dies are performed in-house, with a few processes like heat treating, tool coating and EDM machining sourced out to our suppliers. Our in-house tool and die design and manufacturing capability allows us to lead times short and costs down, while still maintaining a level of quality necessary for the heavy-duty tooling necessary for the forging process. The manufacturing of our tools and dies are done under the supervision of our quality division. Our well-equipped machine shop is staffed with skilled and experienced technicians who work in coordination with our designers to manufacture tools and dies. Our operators continually monitor tools for damage and wear. When necessary the maintance and repair for these tools is carried out by our in our own machine shop. Our engieering staff is closely involved in the develpment of customer tooling to help in areas of undercut avoidance and cost reduction.


Tool and Die Information

Closed Dies
Complex parts - Up to 14 weeks lead time

Little to no Flash

Progress Dies

Simple Parts - 6 Week lead time

Engineer Design Software Used


Accepted File Formats





Design Engineering Assistance

Achive Near Net Shape with Forging Process
Alter existing designs for enhancing part performance

Cost Reduction

Material grade suggestions

Part symmetry Help

Predictions of achievable Tolerance

Undercut avoidance

Machine Shop Capabilities


EDM Resource Available

Horizontal and Vertical Milling





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