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Near Net Shape Forgings for Industrial Applications

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Copper Ferrule

Cold Forging

At Cold-Flow Corporation we produce cold forgings that are inherently stronger than similar machined or cast parts. Our ability achieve near net shape as part of the forging process minimizes the need for many additional secondary operations and saves material. Our shop’s size suits customers needing intermediate volume production runs, tool and die services, engineering support and a single source supplier for most finishing steps needed for your parts. Using the cold forging process offers considerable advantages such as material savings and extended die life, all of which translate into cost-savings for you. The work-hardening nature of cold forming process typically reduces the need to heat treat some parts leading ...
2-1/4 Hex

Warm Forging

Cold-Flow Corporation is a provider of warm forging services. We manufacture forged parts out of both ferious and non-ferious metals and are able to produce parts up to eight pounds in weight. Warm forgings share many of the properties of Cold forging, however due to their higher forging temperatures, the parts is more ductile and therefore requires less engery to be shaped. This process is ideal for forging larger parts on fixed tonaged equipment. Can achieve near net shape and minimize the need for many additional secondary operations. Our shop suits customers needing intermediate volume production runs, tool and die services, engineering support and a single source supplier for most finishing steps. The advantages of using the warm ...
Secondary Services

Value Added Services

We offer a range of secondary operations to support our cold and warm forging capabilites. Our well equiped machine shop provides services such as horizontal and vertical milling, drilling, tapping, and threading. Each step in the machining process is monitored closely. All fixtures are maintained by our tool & die shop. What operations we do not handle in-house we send to our suppliers. Heat treating services such as annealing, normalizing, hardening, and case-hardening; zinc, Teflon, silver, and tin plating are examples of the processes will send out. If surface texturing is needed we can provide shop-blasting in house. We roll-mark part numbers or provide orientation/positioning marking as a value added step. Finally, as part of ...

Design and Maintenance

At Cold Flow Corporation, we design and produce the customized tooling required for our forging capabilities. A majority of the processes for producing tools and dies are performed in-house, with a few processes like heat treating, tool coating and EDM machining sourced out to our suppliers. Our in-house tool and die design and manufacturing capability allows us to lead times short and costs down, while still maintaining a level of quality necessary for the heavy-duty tooling necessary for the forging process. The manufacturing of our tools and dies are done under the supervision of our quality division. Our well-equipped machine shop is staffed with skilled and experienced technicians who work in coordination with our designers to ...